• Morgane

Wanna be part of the team?

I was hoping to establish an image of some pretty bad ass ladies doing some cool media things.

Although its just me, I hope this company can attract a team of pretty cool people, ladies and lady supporters of course. I'm qualified for my own skillset, but am looking for more folks in the industry who can complement my goods.

*Side Story*

When I was performing in the music scene for years I found it to be quite exhausting and a little... well.. patriarchal. I only worked with and answered to men! I'm not saying men suck, I'm just looking for those ladies who also want to see more equal opportunities in the music industry.

It's important for every man, lady, non-binary, transgendered, and all other categories of human, to feel like they have a fair chance at success.

If you get what I'm saying, have some cool media skills, and looking to get paid by working on projects backed by a dream of social justice, email me :]

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