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28 Years in the making

Well... I guess you could say this all started in a bathtub. I was pretending to be the little mermaid while crooning to my imagined Prince Eric. It's one of my oldest memories of feeling like I was good at something. I really just felt like I had a knack at expressing emotions, sometimes it came through song, other times it was a subtle piece of art. I was also an incredible potions master... leading me to my first 14 years in the service industry as a barista. Slinging coffees was fun, but I felt like I had more to give the world as we so often feel. I didn't have much of a way with instruments and found comfort in the art of piecing sounds together on Garageband. After 5 years in the Philadelphia music scene as an ambient music songstress and 3 years at Full Sail, I finally feel like I've found my perfect fit.

In two weeks I graduate and looking back I can see many crucial moments and revelations that brought me to Lady Media Co. As a millennial (insert laughing emoji here) it felt daunting to stick to one thing. I didn't want to be just a vocalist, or just in marketing. I also didn't just want to be (or maybe just don't have what it takes to be) an artist. I guess I just want to feel more involved! Props to all my hardworking artists out there that lifestyle is a traitorous one!

So here we are, 28 years in the making of my little tiny baby company that represents my desire to help people make really cool things! We live in such a beautiful age of CONTENT where people get to brand their passions and be their unapologetic selves. Dish out your desires and ideas to me and let me help make your business a podcast, compose for your treasured film, record audio for your youtube videos, or send you some tunes for your commercial. I'm ready to finesse and up for a good challenge.

With love & song.

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