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The quintessential LMC sound carries raw emotion and ambience. Our non-exclusive tracks are designed to show you just that, as well as the variety in genre in which LMC can deliver in sound design, scoring, and commissions.



30 second non-exclusive Commission

+$40 for every additional 30 seconds 

30 second exclusive Commission

+$50 for every additional 30 seconds 


Sync Catalogue.

Individual sync licenses cost $25, or check these out ->

Our sync packages include non-exclusive commissions providing you with original music while showcasing it in our catalogue for future clients - this helps us add more quickly to our library! If you're helping us out, we're saving you $100!!!


Package 1

4 Songs 

+ 2 non-exclusive commissions



Package 2

7 Songs 

+ 3 non-exclusive commissions